Prof. Renato Lima de Oliveira

Assistant Professor of Management

Asia School of Business (in collaboration with MIT-Sloan)

renato.lima [at]

rlima [at]

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of International Business at the Asia School of Business, MIT-Sloan's newest international collaboration. I hold a Ph.D. degree in Political Science from MIT and my research interests are on natural resource abundance, institutions, economic development, and accountability.

My research has taken me to many places: copper mines in Antofagasta (Chile), old oil fields in Baku (Azerbaijan), shipyards in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Mexico’s presidential palace, to name a few. My work draws from extensive fieldwork, combining ideas from the fields of political science, energy studies, and economics, with rigorous data collection and analysis. At MIT, I have been a fellow of the MIT Energy Initiative, co-president of the MIT Mining Oil and Gas Club (MITMOG) and I am a research affiliate at the MIT Industrial Performance Center (IPC).

Outside of academia, I have worked as a business reporter in Brazil with experience in newspaper, TV and radio; interned at the BBC World Service in London; and continue to contribute to a radio program about books and ideas in Brazil. I also have worked as a consultant for energy and environmental projects in Brazil and Mexico. In this page you will see my research papers, teaching information and CV.

Read more about my research and work here on Why businesspeople need to think about politics.